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The Founding Partners of PoleStar Partners:
  • Ken Horowitz
  • [Ken’s full bio]             Ken’s blog (will open in new window)
    Ken is recognized by both clients and employers as an innovative problem-solver who is highly effective in launching new businesses, developing and implementing marketing or business strategies, and creating and managing financials.

    Ken is a seasoned veteran of the technology, entertainment, and media industries. He has successfully built businesses with creative intellectual properties his entire career, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies – movie studios, software developers, record labels, even a dance company.

  • Rose-Anne Moore
  • [Rose-Anne’s full bio]             Rose-Anne’s blog (will open in new window)
    Rose-Anne believes that most business and marketing plans are worthless, but that the planning process is essential.

    A strategist-turned-ethicist, Rose-Anne is still passionate about people’s beliefs, attitudes, and underlying values; and about understanding how each informs the others, thereby influencing people’s decisions and actions. A certified mediator, she is an experienced executive in both corporate and not-for-profit arenas, with particular expertise in interfaith dialogue, ethics, marketing research (qualitative and quantitative), website usability testing, and editorial.

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