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Our services include:
  • Business Plans – to launch a new business, to seek venture funding, or to launch a new business area for an existing operation
  • Marketing Research – to provide measurement or direction, you’ll need qualitative or quantitative (and most situations call for some of each)
  • Ethical Strategic Plans – to assess your position in the competitor and customer environments, and prescribe the best  way to proceed for maximum profit and market position
  • Marketing Audits – to assess the current marketing situation and prescribe new directions or fixes for existing products or services, or to develop plans for launching new products or services
  • Usability & Website Audits – to assess the functionality and usability of your current website and to prescribe key improvements
Whether you’re just starting a business, ramping up an existing operation, or venturing into new areas, PoleStar Partners can provide the expertise you need:
  • Competitive analysis
  • External environmental analysis (opportunities & threats)
  • Internal environmental analysis (strengths & weaknesses)
  • Strategy formulation
  • Financial projections and spreadsheets
  • Targeting, positioning, and pricing
  • Communications reviews
  • Heuristic usability assessments
  • Interfaith dialogue and workplace diversity
  • Workplace mediation

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