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The Pole Star

The Pole Star is the way ancient mariners (as well as today’s explorers) found their way to their destinations. Looking up in the sky, the pole star would always point the way north (of course, in the southern hemisphere a different pole star would point to the south).

Similarly, the experts at PoleStar Partners can help you find your way to your destination – we’ll even help you identify your destination first.

To locate the northern Pole Star, look for the Big Dipper in the constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear). Draw an imaginary line through the last two stars of the dipper itself, and follow that line to the Little Dipper. The first star you see is the North Star (the Pole Star). Face the star, and you’ll be facing north.

Too many businesses get so caught up in the crisis du jour that they neglect to keep an eye on the horizon...and then they get caught by surprise.

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